Introducing a New Kind of Computer

That Corrects a Design Flaw Common to All Computers

And Has the Familiarity of Windows 7…

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Problem with Regular PCs and Macs

Everything you own commingled with the computer’s operating system, the target of all viruses. If a virus hits, you could be in trouble.

Antivirus is Ineffective

Ask anyone who’s had a computer virus. Chances are 100% that they had antivirus during attack and it let them down. If the computer won’t start, you can’t retrieve anything, so you lose everything.

Solution: a New Kind of Computer Called HonorPC…

Me and My Stuff My HonorPC
Separate is safer:
Your files reside on Drive “D”.
Stop worrying and start enjoying:
No virus can stop the Panic Button.
Drive “C”:
Operating system is not commingled with your files.
Panic Button: Replaces Drive “C”, top-to-bottom, in 90 seconds with one keystroke.

HonorPC: a New Kind of Computer with a New Security Strategy…

Your personal files and desktop reside on a separate drive from the system files

Your HonorPC has a Panic Button that can return it to new condition with one keystroke

The Panic Button works even if the computer won’t start

Using the Panic Button is like formatting and reinstalling Windows, but takes only 90 seconds

Your personal files and desktop remain intact after pressing the Panic Button

No virus can render the Panic Button inoperative

After you run the Panic Button, your software reinstalls automatically

HonorPC: a New Kind of Computer that Always Works and Never Needs Antivirus.

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