Introducing a New Kind of Computer

That Corrects a Design Flaw Common to All Computers

And Has the Familiarity of Windows 7…

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More Speed

No computer can compete with HonorPC in terms of speed because we remove bloatware from Windows 7 during manufacture, which no other PC maker does. We use tools developed in-house to do this. Also, regular computers need antivirus, which slows everything down considerably. HonorPC is lightning fast and super responsive in a way that you must experience to appreciate.

Less Danger

Security threats against regular computers never end and you never relax, and the antivirus industry makes sure you know this so that they can cash in on your fear. With an HonorPC you are just 90 seconds away from a computer that has undergone the equivalent of reformatting and rebuilding.

More Stability

Windows 7 runs a nonessential service called “WinSAT” that causes numerous stability problems and has yet to be fixed. Symptoms like the screen turning black during idle despite the screensaver being disabled, and the CPU running nearly full tilt. We remove WinSAT during the manufacture of your HonorPC. Read the Google search results for more information on the problems with WinSAT.

Less Aggravation

Are you tired of in-your-face security that announces itself even when there is no real hazard, like your neighbor’s car alarm? These annoyances are provably ineffective against threats and unneccessary on an HonorPC. That’s why we curtail this behavior during manufacture, ensuring that your experience with HonorPC is a pleasant one.

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